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The notion of freedom is like a free road and you have absolutely no restrictions as you are free to go anywhere and do whatever on this planet. Freedom or independence is like a blessing that any individual seeks and wants to cherish every time. Freedom gives the ultimate power to conquer whatever you want by using the most of what you have. The feeling of freedom and independence itself gives you the confidence to achieve whatever you desire. No restrictions, no boundaries, no limits and the freedom to explore new routes is what independence is all about.

Keeping the real essence of freedom in mind we are equally responsible towards following some ground rules set by the higher authority. With the leverage provided by the society of doing whatever one wants to do, it also expects a certain amount of obedience and maturity. For instance look at the current scenario of traffic rules that have been predefined for a long time, yet we simply fail to obey it in our day-to-day life. Following something diligently for the sake of retaining the importance of it is what makes you stand apart from the crowd that has been repeating the same mistake ever since. Traffic laws are predefined and cannot be altered. These laws are specifically set for the safety and security of the society that depends upon them. As the responsible citizens of this country, it is our prime responsibility follow all the rules and laws diligently. Hence we from Honda pledge to follow all the traffic rules whether it is halting behind the zebra crossing, actually stopping when the signal is red and not speeding up to skip it or simply avoid riding through the wrong direction.

There are a number of traffic rules that we seldom fail to follow and following them is our prime responsibility.

Driving on Footpaths 

One should refrain from driving on footpaths since it is common sense, footpaths are actually meant for walking and not for riding your bike.

Driving in the opposite direction

If you understand directions clearly then you must be aware of the consequences of driving in the wrong directions.

Halting on a zebra crossing

For all of us, the purpose of zebra crossing has been well communicated to us through our basic education and one needs to understand that it’s highly inconvenient for the pedestrians when one halts on a zebra crossing.

Skipping Signals

For all those careless riders, understanding the relevance of traffic signals should be made a priority and following them diligently should be one’s responsibility.


Every commuter should make it a point to ensure complete safety of his head by wearing a helmet while driving through roads which are well equipped with some uninvited obstacles.

 In addition to these common issues that the society has to face there are a lot more to them. Hence on the occasion of independence lets pledge together as responsible citizens of India to follow all the rules and regulations diligently to make this society a more responsible and obedient one with B. U. Bhandari Hond

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Honda became the second-largest Japanese automobile manufacturer in 2001.

“The power of dreams” is the official slogan of the Honda brand.


Honda bike ride

After a heavy pouring, all the busy roads throughout the big cities are completely wet and slippery and hence add to the difficulty while riding on them. Apart from just being slippery, these roads are filled with chaos as well as unexpected oil spills. Imagine this, you are speeding on a not so empty main road with a speed of 50-60 KMPH and suddenly a dog comes in your way and you lose control. Can you imagine the scenario? Got Goosebumps yet? Well, don’t worry we understand the amount of safety one should consider while riding on these dangerous roads. We have got a few tips that you can easily follow to ride on these dangerous roads with complete safety.

  • Tyre Pressure and Grip -

Tyres play the main role in maintaining your safety while you ride on the road. However, keeping the tyre grip and pressure in check should be done without fail. A tyre with a balanced amount of air pressure will protect you from slipping on slippery roads. A tyre with a good grip will help you while climbing or descending on steep roads.

  • Brakes 

Keep a regular check on the brakes of your vehicle, especially during the rainy season. The cold air generates moisture and the brakes start to loosen up due to the water that seeps in continuously. By keeping your brakes under the good condition you can steer clear of any unexpected obstacles without crashing.

  • Clutch

The clutch of your bike is an important element that is used continuously while riding. The heavy rains make your clutch stiff and hard to function. A proper maintenance of your clutch will keep you safe from unwanted jerks and inconvenience while riding your bike.

  • Oiling

During monsoon, the engine gets to stuff due to the cold weather after heavy rains. This might lead to a sudden break down of the engine by making you stranded far away from your destination. In order to avoid such unforeseen circumstances oiling your vehicle on time and continuous engine check-up is essential.

With these few tips, you can ride your bike absolutely tension free while you are equipped with complete safety. Hence turn this monsoon into an unforgettable adventure with B. U. Bhandari Honda. Experience a new dimension of a monsoon adventure with our authorized Honda service centers across Pune.

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Honda is involved in the manufacturing of other products like watercraft, ATVs, aircraft, mountain bikes, lawn equipment, and solar cells. They even created a humanoid robot called ASIMO.

Honda is the largest engine manufacturer in the world.The company makes over 14 million engines a year.


Honda bike service center

What does authorized servicing mean to you when you think of servicing your precious bike? Before answering that, picture this - it’s raining heavily and you are cruising through the city desperate to reach your home as soon as possible and suddenly your bike breaks down! What a disaster right! And then you have to drag the bike your way home all drenched! Well, you can avoid all of this mess by getting your dear bike serviced at authorized service stations. Getting your bike/scooter serviced from an Authorized service station helps you extend the life of your vehicle by at least a few years.

Using original spare parts in case of any replacement or damage will help maintain the quality of your vehicle. In addition to that, it will add to the lifespan of your vehicle. Original parts help you maintain safety from any dangerous mishaps. Apart from original spare parts engine maintenance should be carried out by experts and not someone who claims to be an expert. The engine of any vehicle is in a way the heart of the whole vehicle and is the premium source of energy for any bike/scooter to run smoothly. The lubricants and the oil so used should be authentic and of good quality in order to be the best fit for the engine. The maintenance which includes the oiling and other part maintenance shall be done by an expert who understands how a motor engine actually works and not by someone who “KNOWS” how a motor engine works. Your bike/scooter is like a real person, if it does not get the quality treatment as required it will fall sick constantly.

Hence, every bike/scooter owner should always go for an authorized service center while servicing the vehicle. So think well before you set out to get your precious vehicle serviced. Don’t waste your money on fake parts while saving the extra cost that you might incur on original parts. Save your money rather than spending them on unforeseen disasters of your vehicle in the near future. Always go for genuine and authorized servicing for the betterment of your precious bike/ scooter. B. U. Bhandari Honda Bhavani Peth and B. U. Bhandari Honda Mundwa branches provide you with quality servicing at their Authorized Service Centres. We bring you an eccentric range of offers which easily fits your time and pocket. Apart from providing authorized and genuine services B. U. Bhandari Honda offers you with Express Servicing with absolutely no extra cost as well as Pick-Up & Drop Service. Are you wishing for authorized and genuine services? Visit B. U. Bhandari Honda today!

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The Honda Navi is the first Honda product that is entirely developed by the company’s in-house Indian R&D team.

The Juno K was the name of the first Honda’s scooter. It was produced in 1954 and was the 1st Honda model to be exported to the US.


monsoon,honda bike,travel with bike,destination near pune

Monsoon is just around the corner and the weather looks perfectly fine for a new adventure. With the ever increasing lush green lands around the periphery of the city, the monsoon seems to be the best possible gateway from your hectic schedule. A perfect combination of your favorite Honda bike and an endless adventure is what every biker dreams of while embarking on a new journey. The outskirts of the city are completely equipped with the best possible locations you can hit this weekend. Wondering where to go for a new adventure this monsoon? Don’t worry we got you all covered. These places are just the right fit to get your stressed life a break and an opportunity to connect with nature with the king of adventure. Here is a list of some places for you and your friends for a highly daunting adventure.

  • Lavasa Hill

Lavasa hill is the best location for any sports bike lover. With the snake like curvy roads, Lavasa offers you a complete package of adventure and the adrenaline rush you seek while riding at a high speed. For those sports bike lovers Honda CBR 250R is the best fit to challenge these serpentine roads.

  • Thoseghar waterfall

Thoseghar waterfall is a scenic spot located 20 km from Satara city. Being a perfect fit for a rocky adventurous trail Thoseghar is one of the best locations to take your bike out on a challenging terrain. The Honda X-Blade will be your best partner while you take on the road towards Thoseghar.

  • Bhimashankar Temple

Located 50 km northwest of Khed, near Pune, the Bhimashankar Temple is another a must-go location for the adventure-seeking bike enthusiast. The road towards Bhimashankar temple is densely covered in greenery. While riding on these roads the rider is blessed with an utter scenic beauty which makes the whole journey a bit more energizing. The Honda Hornet is the best partner while you explore the hidden gems around Bhimashankar.

  • Lonavla

Lonavla is the prime spot for bike riders, offers every rider the opportunity to test his skill onto these fast lines. A perfect fit for speeding the roads of Lonavla are as smooth as they can get since curving around the edges on the curve roads almost seems to be a cakewalk. The Honda Unicorn 160 can be your best partner while on these speeding tracks, since it offers a better space while on tricky turns so as to conquer them easily.

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S500 was Honda’s first car produced.

Honda was the first company to use a VTECH engine in a production car. VTECH stands for Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control


honda new bike X Blade in pune showroom

With the new trend emerging amongst the youngsters, nowadays more and more bike enthusiasts are inclined towards a new generation of motorcycles which are not too sporty yet not too simple. Among all types of motorcycles, the most preferred one is the naked sporty one with a sleek design, less bulky, faster and much more elegant and sporty aesthetics. For a regular rider, the most important thing is how lean enough the bike is so that the biker can ride it with comfort and handle the bike during critical situations to avoid accidents. The times have changed drastically and so have the needs of a mediocre rider. To cater the same needs, a new bike inline is introduced by HONDA for the future generation of motorcyclists, the all-new Honda X-Blade. The Honda X- Blade comes with an upgraded version of a normal 160cc commuter bike. The new bike has been manufactured keeping in mind all advancements in the automobile industry. The Honda X-Blade has certain unique key features which can be highlighted as follows.

  • Engine

The engine has been designed primarily in terms of the air-fuel mix and ignition timing - to give the X-Blade extra performance to offset any extra weight. What the engine thus provides is a much more stable and upgraded version in comparison with the earlier range of Honda motorcycles.

  • Handling

Unlike all the 160CC motorcycles, the Honda X-Blade has a very efficient and smooth suspension which in turn helps to ride without any hard bumps throughout the journey. The suspension exceeds a higher amount of comfort to make the ride safe and less harsh while off-roading. The handlebar is much narrow and useful while riding through the traffic.

  • Features

The X-Blade gets all-digital instruments that look good and despite looking densely packed at first glance, they are much easier to read. Across the top is a tachometer, a gear indicator as well as a speedometer and on the right-hand side, a clock, two trips and an odometer with the fuel gauge.

  • Design

From the "Robo-Face" LED headlight to the T-shaped tail light, the X-Blade is tightly sculpted and showcases a sleek design with hardcore sporty aesthetics. With respect to the name, Honda X-Blade has some edgy cuts and the overall look exhibits the inspiration of a blade which is sharp and shiny. Last but not the least, the grab rails are an addition to complete the masterpiece.

Get your hands on this ultimate beast on the road to write a new adventure with B. U. Bhandari Honda!

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The world’s first 4-wheel drive car was the Honda Prelude, while the Honda Accord was the first car to have a navigation system on board

Honda is the first Motor company using V-tech engines

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