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Monsoon is just around the corner and the weather looks perfectly fine for a new adventure. With the ever increasing lush green lands around the periphery of the city, the monsoon seems to be the best possible gateway from your hectic schedule. A perfect combination of your favorite Honda bike and an endless adventure is what every biker dreams of while embarking on a new journey. The outskirts of the city are completely equipped with the best possible locations you can hit this weekend. Wondering where to go for a new adventure this monsoon? Don’t worry we got you all covered. These places are just the right fit to get your stressed life a break and an opportunity to connect with nature with the king of adventure. Here is a list of some places for you and your friends for a highly daunting adventure.

  • Lavasa Hill

Lavasa hill is the best location for any sports bike lover. With the snake like curvy roads, Lavasa offers you a complete package of adventure and the adrenaline rush you seek while riding at a high speed. For those sports bike lovers Honda CBR 250R is the best fit to challenge these serpentine roads.

  • Thoseghar waterfall

Thoseghar waterfall is a scenic spot located 20 km from Satara city. Being a perfect fit for a rocky adventurous trail Thoseghar is one of the best locations to take your bike out on a challenging terrain. The Honda X-Blade will be your best partner while you take on the road towards Thoseghar.

  • Bhimashankar Temple

Located 50 km northwest of Khed, near Pune, the Bhimashankar Temple is another a must-go location for the adventure-seeking bike enthusiast. The road towards Bhimashankar temple is densely covered in greenery. While riding on these roads the rider is blessed with an utter scenic beauty which makes the whole journey a bit more energizing. The Honda Hornet is the best partner while you explore the hidden gems around Bhimashankar.

  • Lonavla

Lonavla is the prime spot for bike riders, offers every rider the opportunity to test his skill onto these fast lines. A perfect fit for speeding the roads of Lonavla are as smooth as they can get since curving around the edges on the curve roads almost seems to be a cakewalk. The Honda Unicorn 160 can be your best partner while on these speeding tracks, since it offers a better space while on tricky turns so as to conquer them easily.

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S500 was Honda’s first car produced.

Honda was the first company to use a VTECH engine in a production car. VTECH stands for Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control


honda new bike X Blade in pune showroom

With the new trend emerging amongst the youngsters, nowadays more and more bike enthusiasts are inclined towards a new generation of motorcycles which are not too sporty yet not too simple. Among all types of motorcycles, the most preferred one is the naked sporty one with a sleek design, less bulky, faster and much more elegant and sporty aesthetics. For a regular rider, the most important thing is how lean enough the bike is so that the biker can ride it with comfort and handle the bike during critical situations to avoid accidents. The times have changed drastically and so have the needs of a mediocre rider. To cater the same needs, a new bike inline is introduced by HONDA for the future generation of motorcyclists, the all-new Honda X-Blade. The Honda X- Blade comes with an upgraded version of a normal 160cc commuter bike. The new bike has been manufactured keeping in mind all advancements in the automobile industry. The Honda X-Blade has certain unique key features which can be highlighted as follows.

  • Engine

The engine has been designed primarily in terms of the air-fuel mix and ignition timing - to give the X-Blade extra performance to offset any extra weight. What the engine thus provides is a much more stable and upgraded version in comparison with the earlier range of Honda motorcycles.

  • Handling

Unlike all the 160CC motorcycles, the Honda X-Blade has a very efficient and smooth suspension which in turn helps to ride without any hard bumps throughout the journey. The suspension exceeds a higher amount of comfort to make the ride safe and less harsh while off-roading. The handlebar is much narrow and useful while riding through the traffic.

  • Features

The X-Blade gets all-digital instruments that look good and despite looking densely packed at first glance, they are much easier to read. Across the top is a tachometer, a gear indicator as well as a speedometer and on the right-hand side, a clock, two trips and an odometer with the fuel gauge.

  • Design

From the "Robo-Face" LED headlight to the T-shaped tail light, the X-Blade is tightly sculpted and showcases a sleek design with hardcore sporty aesthetics. With respect to the name, Honda X-Blade has some edgy cuts and the overall look exhibits the inspiration of a blade which is sharp and shiny. Last but not the least, the grab rails are an addition to complete the masterpiece.

Get your hands on this ultimate beast on the road to write a new adventure with B. U. Bhandari Honda!

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The world’s first 4-wheel drive car was the Honda Prelude, while the Honda Accord was the first car to have a navigation system on board

Honda is the first Motor company using V-tech engines


Honda bike riding,night bike riding

Riding your two-wheeler at night is totally different from riding during the day. Riding on the road is always open to a lot of uninvited obstacles which may include dangerous potholes or wild animals. One should always consider all the potential threats that a rider may confront while riding at night. It also adds to the overall visibility issues that arise while riding in general. Every rider should consider certain necessary tips to be safe from unusual mishaps. In order to safeguard yourself from all the potential dangers and commute safely at night, here are a few tips and tricks that shall ensure your safety.

Every two-wheeler has a headlight; some are great, others need serious help. Many modern vehicles make use of HID lighting, which works quite well and is significantly better than the standard halogen lights most motorcycles use. Without exception, the vintage lights can be upgraded to provide a better lighting. Doing so will not only allow others on the road to see the vehicle better, but good lighting also helps the rider improve his/ her vision.

Signals & Indicators
Turning signals, or indicators, are one of the important areas where improvements should be made. At night, communicating an intention to change lanes or make a turn takes is very important. Both the rider and other drivers must be totally away from any unexpected mishaps when there are no surprises when both have limited visibility.

Light Bars and Fog Lights
For every motorcyclist, having a perfectly working set of light bars and fog lights is essential when it comes to riding at night. Lighting the road ahead using a bright headlight works well, and will be helpful for many riders. However, there are many ways to make it even better –by helping the rider to both see and be seen.

Reflectors are an important part of night visibility, especially if another rider is also equipped with one. Having a reflector helps you as well as other riders see you easily by spotting in the dark roads where visibility is very minimal. There are a lot of options available in the market to equip your vehicle or motorcycle with much more good reflector options.

The mirror is the most important element for riding at night. While riding on a two-way street, the rider should be able to see others avoid running into or being hit by them - whether the other rider sees the bike or not, this is absolutely necessary.

For more details and exciting offers please visit your nearest showroom in Pune.

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1946 – Honda started selling motorized bicycles to war-ravaged Japan desperately in need of cheap transportation.

1959 – Honda was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world


Honda Two Wheeler Maintenance

Taking care of your vehicle is the most crucial element for a daily commuter. Looking after your vehicle regularly is very important so as to avoid any mishaps. A well maintained vehicle will always make your journey much safer as well as trouble-free. A well maintained vehicle will always give you the best results by supporting you on challenging rocky trails. One should always consider slightest of defects and should get it fixed on timely basis so as to prevent any unwanted damages to the vehicle in the future. Taking care of your vehicle regularly will help sustain for a long time and extend its lifespan overall. Here are few tips and tricks that we would like to share with you to keep your vehicle nice and healthy.

1.Battery maintenance
A battery is like the heart of a two-wheeler and hence looking after it periodically is the most important part. Periodical battery check -ups help you ensure the smooth running of your vehicle. You should get the battery charged once every time during its servicing. Find out what battery type your scooter uses and understand the maintenance schedule thoroughly. Some batteries need to be discharged completely before recharging and for some you should charge them as often as possible. Don’t overcharge your batteries as it may damage the battery life.

2. Cleaning
Cleaning your vehicle regularly helps you maintain its shine and make it look like a new one. Use a soft cloth to wipe the mirrors so as to avoid any unwanted scratches. Washing your vehicle properly helps you get rid of unnecessary mud clogs in the two-wheeler chain as well as the mud which is already trapped in between the mudguard and the tyres.

3.Avoid moisture
Keeping your vehicle outside during the rainy season adds a lot of moisture to it and damages the engine slowly. In order to avoid the same you should invest in a proper vehicle protection cover which is waterproof as well as dust-proof. A good quality two-wheeler cover will help in avoiding moisture.

4.Check the tires
Checking tyres is also an integral part when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. You should check tyres regularly in order to avoid any uncertain mishap which may occur while riding. Checking the air pressure constantly helps keep a track of the tyre’s performance and increase its durability.

5.Regular inspections
Even if you follow all the tips stated above carefully, there will always be something that you might have missed. Yearly inspections at your local repair shop will help you pinpoint any problems that you might have missed or even suggest tips to further maintain your scooter. Since most scooters are made of fiber it’s expected that there would be wear and tear over time. Hence it is important to replace the bodywork if needed and a mobility repair shop can usually do that for you.

6.Read the manual
Yes! It may seem like a simple thing to do, but it’s extremely important to read the manual. Not only will it help you know how to operate your scooter, but also how to maintain it. Taking the advice of the manufacturers is always worth your time. So consider these tips the next time whenever you go for your scheduled servicing since it will help your scooter’s mobility for a long time.

Book an appointment  for regular servicing  at our Authorized Honda Two Wheeler Service Center in Pune .

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Honda’s first automobile was the T360,
a pickup truck which was produced in 1963.

During the post-war period, Soichiro Honda and a team consisting of twelve men created engines to attach to bikes. Since then Honda Motor Company became the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer in 1964.


buying a bike or a scooter

Today, there are a lot of variants and new models in the scooter and bike segments hence it becomes very difficult to make the right decision. You have a plethora of options but, this is where the problem arises. Some scooters look identical, some have the same displacement and some have the same price. But where there is choice, there is confusion. While buying a commuter scooter or a bike, one should always consider buying a perfect fit for oneself, because the vehicle isn’t an FMCG product. As a result we should always select a perfect fit according to the needs and conditions as well as the purpose behind buying a particular scooter. Choosing a scooter is the perennial confusion in the market. So, today we make things easier for you. We give you a checklist that you should consider before buying a scooter. One should always consider a checklist including various important points such as weight, storage, mileage, height, durability, style and colour, service centre, availability, spare, resale value and budget. When you actually go to a showroom before making a decision you should always go through a variety of options considering your main purpose. Making a right decision before buying a good vehicle is the most important step in this process.

The following important points from the checklist can be referred in detail in this process.

  • Weight

Weight is one of those important points that should be considered while buying a vehicle. According to your strength and your control on the vehicle, a vehicle with a suitable weight should be considered. Women should really need to take care of this point, nowadays there are lightweight bikes available but it is extremely important to check the weight of the two-wheelers for a safe and comfortable ride.

  • Storage

When it comes to buying a vehicle mainly for transport, the storage element becomes the most important part to be considered. A vehicle with a good amount of storage becomes a lot useful for storing a lot of things in a single go. A vehicle with a sufficient storage is more useful for the college and office going crowd.

  • Mileage

KitnaDeti Hai? Is the most common slang used before buying any type of two-wheeler. The mileage should always receive due consideration. A vehicle should always be pocket-friendly when it comes to fuel expenses. A good two-wheeler should give you a mileage of 35 to 40 kms per litre. It is preferable to consider mileage in the city and not that of highway as most of the travelling happens in the city traffic and in narrow nooks and corners of the city streets.

  • Height

While buying a vehicle, the height of the rider should be considered. For a short person, a vehicle with lower seat is more comfortable. When the height of the rider is in proportion with the vehicle it become easier for him to control as well as balance the bike.

  • Durability

A bike should always be a durable one as it should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and adapt to all types of roads. A bike should not be vulnerable to damages. Check out the review of the bike before buying it, because it doesn’t make sense to make a hasty decision and settle with a wrong vehicle which can prove to be dangerous to your life, literally.

  • Service Center

The location of your service centre should be within your reach. In case of any emergencies, you should not spend time, traveling long distances for repairs and services. The service centre should have all the facilities to get a proper servicing for your bike.

  • Availability of spare parts

The spare parts should be easily available in case of emergencies. One should avoid waiting long periods for some necessary spare parts as it may cause any unforeseen mishaps.

  • Resale Value

Resale price totally depends upon the brand, year and current condition of bike. A branded bike could give you better deal as compared to unevaluated two-wheelers. If you are looking for any short term investments, a bike with a good resale value should receive due consideration. A bike with poor resale value leads to unnecessary losses.

  • Budget

Budget is a crucial element while investing in a bike. A budget should be set so that you can have a lot of options and reduce confusion. You can buy a good two-wheeler within a budget of Rs.60,000. If you are ready to pay a little more, new launched bikes with extra features and colours can also be part of your cart.

  • Style and Colour

There are lot of variants to choose from numerous styles and colours. Selecting a good colour and smart style is always better as it adds to your style while riding it. Hence you should always consider all the colours which are available within a specific model that you have already selected.

For making the right choice after a brief consideration of all the necessary requirements please Contact us and make the right choice for the ride of your dreams!

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The first model of Honda was nicknamed Bata Bata, for the sound it’s engine made. It’s official name was Honda Model A, which was basically an engine attached to a cycle.

The first complete motorcycle built by Honda was called the Honda Model D or Dream ,which was  launched in 1949.

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