Since the past couple of months the entire nation is under complete lockdown and everyone is sitting at home dreaming about a much happier and a free future. Everybody is planning their short trips around the city or even across their respective states. Everyone, especially Bikers are more than excited to hit the road and cherish the experience when the lockdown ends. But before embarking on a new adventure just after a long lockdown it is very important to look after the condition of your respective Honda bike. Ignoring the condition of your bike might hamper your ride post lockdown by ruining the experience that you are eagerly waiting to cherish. Worried yet? Stay calm because we understand the happiness that a rider gets on a smooth and carefree ride. Here are a few tips that you can definitely consider to make your ride a fun one even after the lockdown.

  • Clean off the dust both internally & externally 

Since your bike is standing idle without any moment since last 3 months. Cleaning the internally & externally settled dust will ensure a smooth start of the engine thus not causing any problems.

  • Sanitization

Since the current atmosphere is full of deadly viruses and microbes it is very essential to ensure complete cleanliness. As your bike has been standing idly for 3 months it might have housed some of the dangerous organisms. Cleaning the bike with water & soap will definitely drive away all the dangerous viruses.

  • Two-wheeler Servicing

Being idle for 3 months straight, all the parts of your bike will be surely jammed up. In order to ensure the smooth functioning of your bike get it serviced from your nearest B. U. Bhandari service center on priority.

  • Check the tyre pressure

Make sure that the tyre pressure is stable and sufficient as a very low amount of air pressure can result in some dangerous mishaps. Make a point to fill the tyres with sufficient air just prior to your first ride post lockdown.

  • Kick start your bike

Instead of button starting the bike kick start it because over the past 3 months the battery has been inactive. Button starting the bike after such a long break will make the battery drain extensively.

  • Ask your bike dealers about Free Servicing

Many free services offered by dealers fall between March, April & May. Contact your dealers to redeem these services and ensure that your bike is looked after by professionals.

  • Annual Maintenance Services (AMC)

Make a point to enquire about the Annual Maintenance Services (AMC) at your dealer. Many dealers provide it during March, April or May. Check if this service is redeemable by contacting your dealership.

  • Clean your helmet

Since your helmet might be sitting idle at your home make sure to clean it with a wet cloth. The interior of the helmet has a sponge that can attract dust which will result in breathing problems if not cleaned from time-to-time.

  • Check your insurance due date

Make sure to cross-check the due date of your insurance before getting on road. In case it is outdated get it renewed on priority before you hit the road to avoid any financial damages.

  • Check your PUC due date

Make sure if the PUC of your vehicle is updated. In case it isn’t make sure to renew it on priority because it can seriously damage in the long run.

Well, if you follow all these tips then you are all set to experience a highly daunting adventure that waits for you when the lockdown finally ends. Until then make it a point to stay indoors and plan an exciting adventure till then.

For any queries regarding Honda Scooters or bikes feel free to contact your nearest B. U. Bhandari dealership today.


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