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Amidst the chaos, threat of the deadly pandemic and the brewing tension around the globe we are all sitting at home worried and getting more and more paranoid. However, some have found a way out from this piling boredom and brewing tension. Many have engaged themselves in some creative activities such as painting, drawing or even making music or even cooking. Apart from the much talented creative minds others have engaged into some household activities such repainting walls, fixing broken furniture’s or even washing utensils. You might be any one of these or maybe both, however have you ever thought about your beloved Honda vehicle that is stranded in the parking lot ever since the quarantine began.
Have you ever wondered in what condition your bike or scooter is right now? We are sure its condition has surely started getting bad. Hence your quarantine time and the lock down situation can be perfectly used to take care of your beloved vehicle.

Simple Cleaning:
Check your mobility scooter often for dust, dirt, and debris. Clean the outside of the scooter with a soft, damp cloth. Use appropriate cleaners for heavy-duty cleaning. Don't forget to clean the area around the battery terminals and the underside of the scooter.

Change Oil:
It must’ve been a long time since you changed your oil the last time. Remove all the used up old oil and replace it with fresh new motor oil.

Battery Check:
Recheck the battery by removing it and cleaning it thoroughly. Recharge the battery thoroughly, this helps to ensure the long life of your battery.

Proper Oiling:
When a vehicle sits idle at a place for a long time its spare parts become tight and don’t operate freely. Oil every spare part of your Honda vehicle so that all the part such as brakes or clutches work smoothly after you resuming riding your vehicle.

Healthy Parking:
Since the period of lockdown will continue for weeks your vehicle will be evidently standing stationary for a long time. Hence ensure that your vehicle is parked using the main stand. This will ensure the long life of your Honda.

Starter Check:
During the period of lockdown your Two Wheeler engine will be on a stand by as you wont ever start it until it ends. Hence, make it a point to start your Honda once or twice after an interval of 3-4 days. This will help maintain the good health of your Honda engine.

While taking care of your beloved bike or Scooter don’t compromise n your own health. Make sure that you keep your face and eyes covered while doing the work. Also. Don’t forget to carry a pocket sanitizer to get rid of the germs and dust particles immediately after you are done with the routine.

So, what are you waiting for? if you are done reading this blog its time you rush towards your beloved Two Wheeler and take good care of it until the lockdown continues.


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