Follow all Traffic Rules Diligently !

Follow all traffic rules Diligently !

In today’s world the transportation system of our nation has become an integral part of our lives. The current transport scheme has minimized distances but, on the other side, it has increased the danger. Various road crashes have lead to the loss of many lives and has resulted in severe injuries to people over many years.

Why do these accidents happen? It is not always the blind turns or rocky roads. Experts have expressed serious concern about the traffic situation in India.

There’s a lot of buzz around the updated motor vehicle act as well as the new traffic rules and heavy challans that have been acting over the previous few days.

The objective behind imposing such hefty penalties for a traffic rules violation is an attempt to bring discipline on the roads and to make travel secure. The data from sources listed the number of people that die on the road every day is more than 400.

Hence, the government has taken the initiative of implementing the Motor Vehicle Act and pretty hefty fines to curb the accidents on the roads resulting from speeding, carelessness, drunk driving and so on.

People are quite anxious about what the 2019 Motor Vehicles Act is all about. As of now, the government has implemented a total of 63 Clauses from the bill that amends the Traffic Act, includes various aspects such as:

  1. Vehicle Maintenance
  2. Precaution while driving
  3.  Driver training
  4. Road safety.

It is indeed a sad fact that many have blamed the government for charging such huge fines. Following rules is not a necessity, but your supreme responsibility. It's an act of behaving responsibly towards our beloved society.

B. U. Bhandari Honda urges you all to follow the traffic rules and be a responsible citizen of a prospering nation.

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