Experience of a lifetime with Honda CBR 250 & Hornet

As we all know India is diverse land, every 50 km you see changed roads, languages, and the environment. What remains the same is the people; helpful and comforting. Travelling across India on a motorbike is every traveler's dream. Our journey started from Central India, 30,000 km in 35 days.

India offers a diverse landscape from beaches to mountains which definitely attract people from other countries to experience bike travel in India. The thing with this kind of journey is, you need a tremendous amount of pre-planning like which is the best season to travel across India otherwise you will be doomed. According to me, post-monsoon is the best season to travel across India.

Apart from this, there are various factors that one needs to take care of, such as planning your schedule, chalking out the route, etc.  Needless to say, safety is on top of the priority checklist, which includes the selection of bikes. As we were travelling in a group it was significant that the bikes we select should go with everyone’s comfort. So, we decided to go with Honda CB Hornet and CBR 250. Apart from that, the constant repairing of bikes which completely ruins the journey was a bit of a concern. But, with both the Honda bikes CB Hornet and CBR 250, we barely did the garage job, little bit air in tyres and we were good to go.

Our journey started from Center of India in Pune, followed by covering the South: Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai and Hyderabad. We then moved towards Northeast and then straight up North. As mentioned before, India is definitely not flat land, the surface and the ridges change every 10 kilometers. This is the main reason you need bikes that provides the same experience across India. I definitely recommend Honda bikes for any bike tour in India.

Experience of a lifetime with Honda CBR 250 & Hornet

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