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The notion of freedom is like a free road and you have absolutely no restrictions as you are free to go anywhere and do whatever on this planet. Freedom or independence is like a blessing that any individual seeks and wants to cherish every time. Freedom gives the ultimate power to conquer whatever you want by using the most of what you have. The feeling of freedom and independence itself gives you the confidence to achieve whatever you desire. No restrictions, no boundaries, no limits and the freedom to explore new routes is what independence is all about.

Keeping the real essence of freedom in mind we are equally responsible towards following some ground rules set by the higher authority. With the leverage provided by the society of doing whatever one wants to do, it also expects a certain amount of obedience and maturity. For instance look at the current scenario of traffic rules that have been predefined for a long time, yet we simply fail to obey it in our day-to-day life. Following something diligently for the sake of retaining the importance of it is what makes you stand apart from the crowd that has been repeating the same mistake ever since. Traffic laws are predefined and cannot be altered. These laws are specifically set for the safety and security of the society that depends upon them. As the responsible citizens of this country, it is our prime responsibility follow all the rules and laws diligently. Hence we from Honda pledge to follow all the traffic rules whether it is halting behind the zebra crossing, actually stopping when the signal is red and not speeding up to skip it or simply avoid riding through the wrong direction.

There are a number of traffic rules that we seldom fail to follow and following them is our prime responsibility.

Driving on Footpaths 

One should refrain from driving on footpaths since it is common sense, footpaths are actually meant for walking and not for riding your bike.

Driving in the opposite direction

If you understand directions clearly then you must be aware of the consequences of driving in the wrong directions.

Halting on a zebra crossing

For all of us, the purpose of zebra crossing has been well communicated to us through our basic education and one needs to understand that it’s highly inconvenient for the pedestrians when one halts on a zebra crossing.

Skipping Signals

For all those careless riders, understanding the relevance of traffic signals should be made a priority and following them diligently should be one’s responsibility.


Every commuter should make it a point to ensure complete safety of his head by wearing a helmet while driving through roads which are well equipped with some uninvited obstacles.

 In addition to these common issues that the society has to face there are a lot more to them. Hence on the occasion of independence lets pledge together as responsible citizens of India to follow all the rules and regulations diligently to make this society a more responsible and obedient one with B. U. Bhandari Hond

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Honda became the second-largest Japanese automobile manufacturer in 2001.

“The power of dreams” is the official slogan of the Honda brand.


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