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After a heavy pouring, all the busy roads throughout the big cities are completely wet and slippery and hence add to the difficulty while riding on them. Apart from just being slippery, these roads are filled with chaos as well as unexpected oil spills. Imagine this, you are speeding on a not so empty main road with a speed of 50-60 KMPH and suddenly a dog comes in your way and you lose control. Can you imagine the scenario? Got Goosebumps yet? Well, don’t worry we understand the amount of safety one should consider while riding on these dangerous roads. We have got a few tips that you can easily follow to ride on these dangerous roads with complete safety.

  • Tyre Pressure and Grip -

Tyres play the main role in maintaining your safety while you ride on the road. However, keeping the tyre grip and pressure in check should be done without fail. A tyre with a balanced amount of air pressure will protect you from slipping on slippery roads. A tyre with a good grip will help you while climbing or descending on steep roads.

  • Brakes 

Keep a regular check on the brakes of your vehicle, especially during the rainy season. The cold air generates moisture and the brakes start to loosen up due to the water that seeps in continuously. By keeping your brakes under the good condition you can steer clear of any unexpected obstacles without crashing.

  • Clutch

The clutch of your bike is an important element that is used continuously while riding. The heavy rains make your clutch stiff and hard to function. A proper maintenance of your clutch will keep you safe from unwanted jerks and inconvenience while riding your bike.

  • Oiling

During monsoon, the engine gets to stuff due to the cold weather after heavy rains. This might lead to a sudden break down of the engine by making you stranded far away from your destination. In order to avoid such unforeseen circumstances oiling your vehicle on time and continuous engine check-up is essential.

With these few tips, you can ride your bike absolutely tension free while you are equipped with complete safety. Hence turn this monsoon into an unforgettable adventure with B. U. Bhandari Honda. Experience a new dimension of a monsoon adventure with our authorized Honda service centers across Pune.

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Honda is involved in the manufacturing of other products like watercraft, ATVs, aircraft, mountain bikes, lawn equipment, and solar cells. They even created a humanoid robot called ASIMO.

Honda is the largest engine manufacturer in the world.The company makes over 14 million engines a year.


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