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What does authorized servicing mean to you when you think of servicing your precious bike? Before answering that, picture this - it’s raining heavily and you are cruising through the city desperate to reach your home as soon as possible and suddenly your bike breaks down! What a disaster right! And then you have to drag the bike your way home all drenched! Well, you can avoid all of this mess by getting your dear bike serviced at authorized service stations. Getting your bike/scooter serviced from an Authorized service station helps you extend the life of your vehicle by at least a few years.

Using original spare parts in case of any replacement or damage will help maintain the quality of your vehicle. In addition to that, it will add to the lifespan of your vehicle. Original parts help you maintain safety from any dangerous mishaps. Apart from original spare parts engine maintenance should be carried out by experts and not someone who claims to be an expert. The engine of any vehicle is in a way the heart of the whole vehicle and is the premium source of energy for any bike/scooter to run smoothly. The lubricants and the oil so used should be authentic and of good quality in order to be the best fit for the engine. The maintenance which includes the oiling and other part maintenance shall be done by an expert who understands how a motor engine actually works and not by someone who “KNOWS” how a motor engine works. Your bike/scooter is like a real person, if it does not get the quality treatment as required it will fall sick constantly.

Hence, every bike/scooter owner should always go for an authorized service center while servicing the vehicle. So think well before you set out to get your precious vehicle serviced. Don’t waste your money on fake parts while saving the extra cost that you might incur on original parts. Save your money rather than spending them on unforeseen disasters of your vehicle in the near future. Always go for genuine and authorized servicing for the betterment of your precious bike/ scooter. B. U. Bhandari Honda Bhavani Peth and B. U. Bhandari Honda Mundwa branches provide you with quality servicing at their Authorized Service Centres. We bring you an eccentric range of offers which easily fits your time and pocket. Apart from providing authorized and genuine services B. U. Bhandari Honda offers you with Express Servicing with absolutely no extra cost as well as Pick-Up & Drop Service. Are you wishing for authorized and genuine services? Visit B. U. Bhandari Honda today!

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The Honda Navi is the first Honda product that is entirely developed by the company’s in-house Indian R&D team.

The Juno K was the name of the first Honda’s scooter. It was produced in 1954 and was the 1st Honda model to be exported to the US.


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