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Monsoon is just around the corner and the weather looks perfectly fine for a new adventure. With the ever increasing lush green lands around the periphery of the city, the monsoon seems to be the best possible gateway from your hectic schedule. A perfect combination of your favorite Honda bike and an endless adventure is what every biker dreams of while embarking on a new journey. The outskirts of the city are completely equipped with the best possible locations you can hit this weekend. Wondering where to go for a new adventure this monsoon? Don’t worry we got you all covered. These places are just the right fit to get your stressed life a break and an opportunity to connect with nature with the king of adventure. Here is a list of some places for you and your friends for a highly daunting adventure.

  • Lavasa Hill

Lavasa hill is the best location for any sports bike lover. With the snake like curvy roads, Lavasa offers you a complete package of adventure and the adrenaline rush you seek while riding at a high speed. For those sports bike lovers Honda CBR 250R is the best fit to challenge these serpentine roads.

  • Thoseghar waterfall

Thoseghar waterfall is a scenic spot located 20 km from Satara city. Being a perfect fit for a rocky adventurous trail Thoseghar is one of the best locations to take your bike out on a challenging terrain. The Honda X-Blade will be your best partner while you take on the road towards Thoseghar.

  • Bhimashankar Temple

Located 50 km northwest of Khed, near Pune, the Bhimashankar Temple is another a must-go location for the adventure-seeking bike enthusiast. The road towards Bhimashankar temple is densely covered in greenery. While riding on these roads the rider is blessed with an utter scenic beauty which makes the whole journey a bit more energizing. The Honda Hornet is the best partner while you explore the hidden gems around Bhimashankar.

  • Lonavla

Lonavla is the prime spot for bike riders, offers every rider the opportunity to test his skill onto these fast lines. A perfect fit for speeding the roads of Lonavla are as smooth as they can get since curving around the edges on the curve roads almost seems to be a cakewalk. The Honda Unicorn 160 can be your best partner while on these speeding tracks, since it offers a better space while on tricky turns so as to conquer them easily.

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S500 was Honda’s first car produced.

Honda was the first company to use a VTECH engine in a production car. VTECH stands for Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control


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