Honda Two Wheeler Maintenance

Taking care of your vehicle is the most crucial element for a daily commuter. Looking after your vehicle regularly is very important so as to avoid any mishaps. A well maintained vehicle will always make your journey much safer as well as trouble-free. A well maintained vehicle will always give you the best results by supporting you on challenging rocky trails. One should always consider slightest of defects and should get it fixed on timely basis so as to prevent any unwanted damages to the vehicle in the future. Taking care of your vehicle regularly will help sustain for a long time and extend its lifespan overall. Here are few tips and tricks that we would like to share with you to keep your vehicle nice and healthy.

1.Battery maintenance
A battery is like the heart of a two-wheeler and hence looking after it periodically is the most important part. Periodical battery check -ups help you ensure the smooth running of your vehicle. You should get the battery charged once every time during its servicing. Find out what battery type your scooter uses and understand the maintenance schedule thoroughly. Some batteries need to be discharged completely before recharging and for some you should charge them as often as possible. Don’t overcharge your batteries as it may damage the battery life.

2. Cleaning
Cleaning your vehicle regularly helps you maintain its shine and make it look like a new one. Use a soft cloth to wipe the mirrors so as to avoid any unwanted scratches. Washing your vehicle properly helps you get rid of unnecessary mud clogs in the two-wheeler chain as well as the mud which is already trapped in between the mudguard and the tyres.

3.Avoid moisture
Keeping your vehicle outside during the rainy season adds a lot of moisture to it and damages the engine slowly. In order to avoid the same you should invest in a proper vehicle protection cover which is waterproof as well as dust-proof. A good quality two-wheeler cover will help in avoiding moisture.

4.Check the tires
Checking tyres is also an integral part when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. You should check tyres regularly in order to avoid any uncertain mishap which may occur while riding. Checking the air pressure constantly helps keep a track of the tyre’s performance and increase its durability.

5.Regular inspections
Even if you follow all the tips stated above carefully, there will always be something that you might have missed. Yearly inspections at your local repair shop will help you pinpoint any problems that you might have missed or even suggest tips to further maintain your scooter. Since most scooters are made of fiber it’s expected that there would be wear and tear over time. Hence it is important to replace the bodywork if needed and a mobility repair shop can usually do that for you.

6.Read the manual
Yes! It may seem like a simple thing to do, but it’s extremely important to read the manual. Not only will it help you know how to operate your scooter, but also how to maintain it. Taking the advice of the manufacturers is always worth your time. So consider these tips the next time whenever you go for your scheduled servicing since it will help your scooter’s mobility for a long time.

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Honda’s first automobile was the T360,
a pickup truck which was produced in 1963.

During the post-war period, Soichiro Honda and a team consisting of twelve men created engines to attach to bikes. Since then Honda Motor Company became the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer in 1964.


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